“Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”
(Lao Ce)


Our journey started in Nepal in 2010 when our little group set off on an adventure with Adam’s lead to discover the Himalayas and the magical world of Asia.

We soon came to realize how much we have in common and a few years later decided to start a business together. Our aim is to share our passion and enthusiasm for health and natural living and healing.

adam-erika Adam is our „Guru”, he lived and studied for over ten years in India where he was ordained a Hindu priest in 1995. Since his repatriation to Hungary he’s been working as an ayurvedic healer, astrologist, yoga trainer and shiatsu and reiki therapist.

Erika is in charge of logictics in the team. Keeping busy travelling the world: lived and worked in Asia – Mumbai and Bangkok between 2011-14. Currently she is based in Hungary running the business between two horse-riding trips and figuring out where to travel next.

Kriszti coordinates our daily tasks, she is our little team’s ‘heart’. When she is not with her two daughters, she is organizing trips, teaching salsa and always learning something new: let it be ayurveda, astrology or archaic system theory.